Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I wrapped up the book yesterday. This is the first morning, in a very long time, where I am not chasing time. The book is now lying fallow and my brain is going wild.

Last night, I dreamed about a total solar eclipse. It was absolutely amazing.

Jenny was with me. The sky grew dark. It was one of those Hollywoodish announcing god moments. Two suns looked at us. Then, they moved together, and everything went dark. A brief pause later, and the ring erupted in the sky. The world erupted in euphoria. There was dancing in the streets. You'd think that we just won the world cup. People were screaming with victory. At this point, NOBODY could think a total solar eclipse was anything but the cooling thing ever.

So wow, yeah, it was the coolest thing ever.

Apparently, I missed a minor earthquake while I slept. Good. My daughter had already woken me up once. She had another nightmare. Once again, we took her plate to the kitchen when she wanted to take her plate to the kitchen. Yeah, that's what her nightmares are like.

Hers Truly loves wearing nightgowns to bed. She also likes a few dresses. As the dresses are getting older, but are otherwise comfortable, we let her wear them. By far, her favorite is her black velvet dress. Her blue dress and her tie-died dress also rank pretty high, but the black velvet one is the best of the best.

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