Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Hers Truly decided that she would have NO MORE BOOSTER SEAT this weekend. So, the booster seat has been removed.

This really didn't surprise me. She's been choosing my seat more often for lunch, and opting for no booster seat in restaurants.

She tells me that she misses her crib.

Some days, she's our little suburban-primitive, running around in nothing but a necklace and colorful band-aids. She wants to find a hurt so that she can wear a band-aid. They are body art.

Wrapped up Sarah Jane Adventures, series 2. I don't know what changed for those last few episodes, but I liked it. They went to a three camera setup. The editing got far tighter. Lighting choices were more naturalistic. The camera angles were far more composed. I mean, these episodes really LOOKED good.

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