Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Wrap

The holiday weekend went well. Went to a cookout/birthday party on Saturday. Hers Truly played with my friends boys, and everyone was happy.

For the 4th, we skipped firework. Hers Truly is still having difficulty with loud noises.

On Monday, we hit the thrift store and 50% off day. I found a mini-amp for $15 and some more all-cotton summer shirts that fit.

Today, Hers Truly is off to school camp, then gymnastics.

In skills, Hers Truly has mastered the QUESTION. "What's that?" has become the popular phrase of the day. She really began asking questions last week and seemed really smug with herself. She has also taken to telling us how well we have done when we take out plates to the kitchen or do some other activity.

In games, I downloaded Heroes of Might and Magic V for $7 from Amazon. (That's about my budget these days.) Nice to be playing that series again, although I have to be sure ONLY to play it when I get brain dead. Like all one-more-turn games, it's easy to lose track of time.

The novel is coming along nicely. I think that I finally solved all the big issues on this rewrite, especially on the end. Now I'm dragging through the thing looking for those places that have issues or could use a bit of fill. It does have its flaws, mostly being that I would not write a novel structured like this again, having learned many lessons, but I'm not about to scrap the whole thing and write it again.

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