Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Bible vs Constitution

I've been noticing the Constitution clips popping up today. A theme behind these particular clips is that men wrote the Constitution, and that the things espoused in it belong to all men.

It seems to me that some agreement over the Constitution comes from this very point of men writing it. The Fundamentalist reading of the Constitution tends to approach the Constitution with the same mindset that they approach the Bible. They have raised the Constitution to the level of Holy Document, which it surely is not. It is not even divinely inspired. The Constitution was a document hammered out by many men of disagreeing tempers, who argued until they found common ground. It is, by no means, a perfect document. We have found it flawed enough to amend it quite a few times over the last 200 years. In the future, we surely will amend it again.

To those who wish to quote the Constitution, as well as our founding father, as if they were chapter and verse, I say to you: these were not holy men, but politicians, and their words are not holy words. Do not raise those to the status of the Bible, even words as significant as the Constitution.

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