Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hers Truly's Second Birthday

When you turned two years old, we had a birthday party for you. Mom made a yellow butterfly cake for you.

Family came over for your second birthday. Grandma Judy and Grandpa Ed came down from New Jersey. Mom-mom and Pop-pop came down from Pennsylvania. And Aunt Judy came over, too.

You also did something special with Grandma Judy. You stood on a stool and grandma Judy painted your toenails.

We all had lunch together. After lunch, we put two candles on your cake and you blew them out. Then, you opened presents. You opened them all by yourself. When you were one year old, you didn't know, but you had learned how to do that all by yourself.

After everyone was done visiting, everyone went home. And that was your second birthday party.

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