Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hers Truly Can't Sleep

When you were a tiny, tiny baby, sometimes you couldn't sleep. So I would pick you up and walk you around until you went to sleep.

When you carry most babies, you sit down and hold them against you, and they snuggle their heads into your shoulder. You never liked it when I sat down. I had to stand up and walk around or you would cry. You also did not like it when you faced my shoulder. You didn't like that. I had to hold you face out or face down and walk around and around and around until you fell asleep.

When you were asleep, I would walk into your room, gently place you in the crib, and if everything went well, you went to sleep. However, sometimes you woke up, and you got all fussy, and so I had to pick you back up and walk you around again and again and again. Eventually you fell asleep again, and I placed you in your crib, then I quietly walked out of your room and you finally went to sleep.

Once you could move around on your own, sometimes you woke up at night, and it would be my turn to help you go back to sleep. Your mom would wake me up and say, "It's your turn." That meant that you were so wiggly that mom needed help getting you to sleep. So I would sit down in the rocking chair and I would put you on my lap. You would climb me. You would climb the chair. You would pull things off the changing table, you would try to climb your crib, then you would start over and do it all again. Every so often, you would lay your head down. Then, you would get back up and try to climb me again. Eventually, you would put your head down and you would fall asleep. Then, I would sit there a long time, making sure that you were all asleep, then I put you into your crib and quietly walked out of the room.

And that is how I got you to sleep when you were a tiny, tiny baby.

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