Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Birthday Weekend

I had a birthday over the weekend. We celebrated a bit early on Friday. For my birthday, I asked for a cake made by Jenny and Hers Truly. This has special importance, as Hers Truly has been watching cake-making videos on YouTube, which has made her very excited about making a cake for daddy.

Did I get a terrific present! They made a dino-diorama cake out of an apple bunt cake. It had a cliff, a tar-pit, and of course, dinosaurs. We had a pterosaur on a nest of chow-mein noodles (complete with jelly-belly eggs). A few dinosaurs were trapped in a cool-whip tar pit. Other dinosaurs stood on the cake.

(Can I say what's cool about my wife. No only did she know that there needs to be cliffs and tar-pits, but that it should be mammals in the tar-pits, and that you always pair a T-Rex and a triceratops. Alas, Hers Truly did not know the rules, so she put on a triceratops and a diplodocus.)

Marcia came over on Saturday night, simply because she was in the area. That was great fun.

On Sunday, I discovered why I never drink red wine. Ouch. One glass of red wine is like a hangover without the drunk part.

I've been trying Allods Online recently. It's a pretty game. Unfortunately, it also likes to RIP MY EYES OUT. So, I will be shelving that game. I will keep trying other free games. Meanwhile, Anarchy Online is the only reliable game. It runs on my hardware, doesn't hurt my eyes, doesn't require much attention, but is kinda bland.

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