Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hers Truly Goes to the Moon

Now starts the original stories. All of these stories have been Hers Truly tested and approved.

One day, you decided to take a ride your rocket. It was almost bedtime, so you only had time to go to the moon. You got on your rocket ship and you took off. *swoosh* Soon, you landed on the moon. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't made of cheese. No. It's was mostly made of rock and dust. It was also airless. If you went outside, you couldn't breath, so you put on a space suit.

When you left your rocket, you jumped high. You jumped higher than you ever did before. You jumped even higher than you could swing. On the moon, gravity is less, so you can jump very high. You jumped all the way to the moon base where scientists live.

The chief scientist came out to meet you and shook your hand. That's how scientists greet you. It's polite to shake hands back. They brought you inside, where there is air, and they showed you their telescope. They used the telescope to look at far away planets and stars and galaxies. You looked at Mercury, which went fast, Jupiter, with its big red spot, and Saturn, with its beautiful ring.

You loved looking at the planets so much that you decided to go there yourself. As soon as you could manage, you were going to flying in your rocket ship and visit them. But, before you did that, you had to go home and take a bath. So you got in your rocket and *whoosh*, you flew home.

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