Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hers Truly and the Red Swing

When you were a tiny, tiny baby, you loved swinging in the red swing. We would take you to the park and put you into that red swing and secure you behind a yellow bar, so you wouldn't fall out. You were too sure about the swing at first, but as you rode it more and more, you loved it more and more. You would say "More swing! More swing!" When you learned how to walk, you would run up to the swing and stand next to it. It was always the thing that you loved the most.

Then one day, over the winter, the red swing got broke. They replaced it with a green swing. You liked the green swing, but never as much as the red swing. You also started noticing the big girl swings. Soon, you wanted to ride the big girl swings. I lifted you up and pushed you, because you didn't know how to pump your feet yet. You loved swinging in the big girl swing more and more, and you got better and better at it. Soon, you demanded that I swing as well, then we would both swing together on the swings, although I had to stop every so often to give you a push.

And that's how you came to swing in the big girl swings.

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