Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hers Truly and Texas

Hers Truly and a Trip to Texas, Part 1

When you were a tiny, tiny baby, about four months old, we took a to Texas. We went to the airport, but there were lines everywhere. Out flight was cancelled. There were thunderstorms. So, we went home. The next day, we came back to the airport and this time we flew down to Texas. When we got new tickets, we got very lucky and the airline gave us first class tickets.

When we arrived at Texas we visited relatives, then we drove south. We stopped at San Antonio to see the Alamo. Then, we drove east to Corpus Christi to go to your great aunt's 80th birthday party. She had her birthday in a special place: on an aircraft carrier. It was full of many old airplanes: blue ones and green ones and yellow ones and red ones.

The next day, when the party was over, we drove back to the airport and flew home. And that is when you were a tiny, tiny baby.

Hers Truly and a Trip to Texas, Part 2

When you were a tiny, tiny baby, about two years old, we took another trip to Texas. We flew down to Austin and stayed with Uncle Dean and Aunt Marlo. Only, you called them Uncle Bean and Aunt Milo. You loved looking around their house. You insisted that I turn on their Christmas tree.

We had great fun visiting all of the family.

We took a walk one day, you saw an airplane in the sky. You said, "Airplane. Fly away, far away." You told us that story again and again, for weeks.

Soon our visit was over. Early in the morning, so early that you were still wearing your pajamas, we got on the plane and flew home. And that was when you were a tiny, tiny baby.

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