Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hers Truly and Halloween

Hers Truly and Her First Halloween

On your first Halloween, you dressed up like a fairy. Mom sewed you a pretty orange dress and made you little wings. They were orange wings, just like a monarch butterfly. You loved your wings. We also gave you a wand, and you like waving it about, until you dropped it and forgot about it.

You, and me, and Mom walked out to the neighbors. We visited Miss Tina's, and Silu's mom, and the lady up the street with the dogs. After that, you were a little tired and wanted to play, so you came home and had your bath.

And that was your first Halloween.

Hers Truly and Her Second Halloween

You very excited for your second Halloween. You wore the fairy costume that Mom made for you back in May. She made one costume for your and one for your cousin Anna.

You weren't too sure about Halloween for those first few houses. People didn't answer their doors and things like that, but once that you understood that you got candy for trick-or-treating, you got very excited. "Another House," you said, over and over again. We went up the street, then back, then down the hill, then back.

You wanted more trick-or-treating, but we had gone to all the houses. You had also eaten all your lollipops as soon as you got them, so you had no lollipops left. We got home and let you have a few more pieces of candy, then it was time for your bath. And that was your second Halloween.

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