Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hers Truly Gets Baptized

When you were a tiny, tiny baby, you got baptized in the church. The whole family came down to the church in June. Mom-mom bought you a beautiful white dress off of eBay. It was quite a bargain. Mom-mom is really good at finding bargains. After we put you in your dress, we took you upstairs to the church where you were baptized. We put water in your head, but you didn't cry. You were just very confused. You squirmed around a lot and made everyone laugh.

After church, the family pushed some tables together and we all sat down for lunch. The whole family had brought food to eat. That's what we Milewski's do when we get together, we eat. We had lots of good food.

After we ate, everyone went home, and we took you home and you had a nap. And that's what happened when you were baptized.

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