Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hers Truly and Her First Birthday

When you turned one year old, you had your first birthday party. The whole family went over Aunt Carol's house to wish you happy birthday. They all brought presents and food. There was Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop, Grandma Judy and Grandpa Ed, Aunt Carol and Uncle Seth, Uncle Eric and Aunt Karen, Aunt Judy, and all the cousins: Corey and Cole and Austin and Justin.

The first thing that we did was to eat food. That's what us Milewski's do when we get together: we eat food. We had orange fluff, cheesy potatos, cheese and crackers, pickles, and salad. We ate lots and lots of food.

After eating, we opened presents. You were very small, and you didn't know how to open presents yet. Mom had to open them for you. Instead of opening presents, you played with the wrapping paper, and the bows, and the ribbons. You had lots of fun.

After opening presents, it was time for the birthday cake. We brought out a cake with one candle, because you were one year old. Then, we sang you "Happy Birthday." You didn't know how to blow out candles yet, so your cousin Justin blew them out instead.

Next, we cut you a big piece of yellow cake with chocolate icing. You smashed your hands into the cake and you ate it all up. You got icing on your face, on your hands, in your hair, and on your nose. You had a dirty-doggy nose. You even tried to lick the plate clean.

After we cleaned you up, which took a while, we went home, and you fell asleep in your car seat. And that's what happened on your first birthday.

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