Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hers Truly Gets a New Bed

Once upon a time, when you were a tiny, tiny baby, you slept in a crib.

At first, you slept in a little crib next to mom. You would wake up at night all hungry, and mommy would give you her milk. You then nursed back to sleep.

Soon you were sleeping very well, and we moved you to a bigger crib in your own room. You still woke up sometimes, very hungry, but you woke up less and less. Mom would nurse you to sleep, then put you into the crib.

As you got bigger, you learned to turn over, then walk, then crawl and climb. One day, after we put you to bed, we heard a thump. We opened the door, and there you were, outside your crib. You had climbed out all by yourself. Fortunately, you did not hurt yourself. So that you did not hurt yourself again, we put a chair next to your crib. Then, you could climb onto the chair and into the floor, or onto the chair and  into the crib. You liked doing that yourself.

We also got your a canopy. You were very excited about your canopy. You loved zipping it closed and being all cozy in your bed, or unzipping it all by yourself. You liked it so much that you did not climb out of your crib again for a very long time.

One day,after I put you to bed, you got your knee stuck between the crib bars. You cried and cried because you were stuck and scared. That's when we knew that you had outgrown your crib. So, that weekend, you and I took apart the crib and put it away. Then, we put together your big girl bed.

At first, you liked your big girl bed, but at bedtime you got scared because it was all new and different, so we had to leave the door open and the lights on. That Monday, we got you a new canopy that hung down from the ceiling. And gradually, day after day, you got more and more used to your bed, until we could close the door and turn out the lights again. And you still sleep in the big girl bed today.

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