Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Nothing Bought

I almost bought a new amp for the computer yesterday. It was there in my checkout bin. Then, I removed it. I did not buy the amp.


Well, why do I really need the amp on my computer? I only game on it for an hour here and there. I have a set of headphones that I don't use enough. I attached those instead, and they do well enough. I far prefer gaming upstairs, sitting next to my wife. I turn down the sound and I'm happy enough.

I made a decision to move some more electronics out of the house. I need to push out two pairs of speakers, a sub-woofer, a turntable, and a 5-disk CD changer. (Any interest out there?) I am under-using these things and I do need the space.

I considered keeping the sub-woofer, but the Bose 301's do bass well enough for my ear. The cellos sound wonderful, which is all that I really ask for.

I finally got around to wiping my old iBook. It's now ready for eBay.

It's time for me to sell stuff off again.

My scanner isn't leaving. Mom wants her wedding albums scanned. Hopefully the scanner lives through the whole process. Sadly, the thing seems to be USB 1.1. Even so, it's cheapest to just keep using it. And if it dies, well, new scanners are cheap. I just need one that is supported by SANE.

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