Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Cut Off

Work just blocked LJ. Bummer.

We're in a busy cleaning time here, getting ready for in-laws coming into town. That's a good thing. That gets us up off our asses and getting things cleaned up.

Hers Truly has had a fever over the last several days. She absolutely glommed onto this idea that sick little girls get popsicles. She's begun feeling better, but she still has a bit of a cough. Good news: not strep or and ear infection.

Since my PC is troublesome, I brought home a work laptop. I live in abject fear of losing it. As a rule of thumb: I shall never have patient data upon this computer.

I'm milking the downstairs computer. If I can get wine to work on Puppy, I may abandon Ubuntu and run the whole thing off a thumb drive. Or I can spend that $50 plus shipping for the new motherboard.

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