Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weddings and Congrats

Phil and Liz got married on Saturday. Yay, P&L.

Hers Truly had a wonderful time at the wedding. She talked about it before going. Once there, she had a lovely time walking around the winery where they held it. She took me down to the river three times. We had great fun throwing rocks in.

Of course, Phil and Liz got hitched in there. Hers Truly did not pay any attention to the ceremony. She wandered about and made much ado about whatever it was she was making ado about.

Not having anywhere to put her hat, I wound up wearing Hers Truly's hat, which made me a walking photo opportunity.

When dressing for the wedding, which was casual, Jenny just assumed that I would wear a coat and tie. That rather miffed me. A woman can decide what to wear, but men get to wear one thing. I wound up wearing a raincoat (it was cool and threatening), along with a sweater and tie. I liked that far better than my other options.

When the time came to pull the photos off my camera, my computer barfed, and that leads us into a whole different, aggrivated computer-not-working saga.

Meanwhile, Hers Truly now wants me to draw pictures of Mr. Phil and Miss Liz. I'm afraid that Miss Liz would not appreciate the curvy-curves that I draw on her. But hey, Mr. Phil gets a beer stein.

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