Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Hers Truly has changed the way that she uses "no." It's turned from a reflex into a well timed, and well used, defiance.

Hers Truly still swaps "I" and "you". We are working on that.

When reciting poems or songs, Hers Truly falls into the appropriate rhythm. She's been showing this for quite a while, almost a year, but now the effect is pronounced. This is good. I think she has a musical ear.

My philosophies on Hers Truly's talents is to let them be. She may or may not want to pursue any of them. Simply because she has talent in an area doesn't mean that we should develop that talent. I like to think that my daughter is so talented that we can't possible follow ALL the talent threads. So, we should choose those which she enjoys the most.

The garden is growing. We have food growing. Stuff is coming up. Yay.

My novel writing proceeds apace. It's all revision work at this point. There might still be some structural changes, but I think the structure is now stable and set. If anything gets a significant change, it will be the end.

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