Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We prepped Hers Truly for the upcoming thunderstorm last night. We went to pot luck and hoped for the best. All the clouds and the wind made her a little excited. She enjoyed talking about the boom and the pow that would happen.

When the light flashed, she got curious. Folks at pot luck counted to seven, then the rumble came. In that very instant, Hers Truly turned into sobby girl. She buried her head straight into Jenny. She would only change position to grab onto me. It took twenty minutes for her to wind down from the thunder. This wasn't bad thunder, mind you, but it still poked that primitive button in her brain that made her go wacky.

By the time that we left, she was happy again.

This morning, Hers Truly did not want me to leave. She would not surrender my shoes. She grabbed my jacket and would not surrender it. She was determined to keep daddy home.

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