Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I taught Hers Truly how to make tea this morning. (I poured the luke-warm water, just to be safe.)

Easter went well. We visited the family and had a great time.

When Hers  Truly goes to church, she likes going down to play. When I am at church, she knows that I am there and end up needing daddy BIGTIME. So, I wind up downstairs and she gets to wander about as she pleases, because she can do that when daddy is around.

Grouting has continued. I used a drill thingie to polish up the tile. Tonight, I need to seal.

I had some colorful pens at work that I had bought, but never used. I brought them home so that Hers Truly could get some great colored pens. She LOVED them.

Not much novel writing news at the moment. I'm mostly revising rough parts and addressing issues brought up in comments. Mostly it's trimming down abandoned plot points there and expanding out little plot points there.

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