Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Saturday was a good double-park day. We had a great time dropping flowers off the bridge, just to watch them float downriver. Many buttercups met a watery fate. We also walked do to the rocks near the river, Hers Truly finally got her chance to touch the water. Another important activity was grabbing the branches of the cherry trees and pulling on them, just to make the petals come down.

On our later expedition, we tried to fly a kite. We did pretty well as long as the gust wind kept gusting. When it stopped, PLOP. The wind never did come back, so we wandered about some more instead. She also achieved going up the curved ladder at the park. She's been working at that a long time.

We dyed easter eggs. I suggested that we go outside, and I worship myself in my own brilliance. Dye + 3 year old = go outside. So, our eggs got dyed. Hers Truly then put the chalk into the dyes to see what the chalk would do. During the dying, I cleaned the outside chairs. Much good otuside time was had.

In the quest to stop the bathroom leak, I regrouted the bathtub. Hers Truly took and nap and I hit the task like a windstorm. Unfortunately, Hers Truly woke up before I was fully done, so I was cleaning up, feeding her, and benign neglected her. She took out a yogurt and looked like a yogurt bomb went off. All of that amounted to an early dinner.

And then there was laundry. It certainly was a busy day. I cranked until sometime after 11pm, then slammed into bed.

Visually, Hers Truly is getting more sophisticated. I draw the colors for the stoplight and she draws the rest. Recently, she has also been drawing a cat and ladders. She just added a sun. She also likes making y's. Basic reading has begun via the crayon-on-paper method. It hasn't clicked yet, of course, but now her brain is beginning to really hold that style of information, so we can begin laying up the information.

I taught Hers Truly how to open the play-doh, and she is so happy that she can do it by herself.

Jenny bought me a dino-themed easter egg. It's a literal chocolate egg with a dino-head head inside. It was too expensive but a perfectly delightful gift.

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