Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The weekend went rather well. Not too much to talk about.

We planted the Onions. Hers Truly was so excited when Jenny came home that she demanded onions right away.

I fixed the shower two more times, yet it still leaks. Ferchristsake! I'll have to pull the stove out again, tonight, to figure out what is leaking. If the fawcet is no longer leaking, then I have another leak somewhere.

We had several good play sessions at the park. We wound up sitting on the bridge telling Hers Truly some tiny tiny baby stories. She now asks for them instead of books. THAT is MAJOR.

Hers Truly has been developing long-term memory lately. No longer can I rely on short-term-memory girl to get me out of a jam.

Hers Truly still has potty issues. Poop is a toughie. Sometimes we talk her into doing her duty, which she does with some effort, but sometimes we must extort her. It's a tough racket.

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