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Jenny continues getting her garden ready this year. She is switching to raised bed gardening, so we have lots of extra work to do. She's plunging in all at once. We got four tons of topsoil today. (Thanks Xpioti for the wheelbarrow!). We're screwing pine boards together with deck screws. Yay for special screw heads that don't strip. However, I don't think that they will hold.

We have some small flowers coming up already. The daffodils can't be far behind.

I mowed down the last of the winter's leaves. No matter how good you do in the autumn, leaves blow around and collect along the fences.

I have homework to do: census and taxes. I'd be fearful of the government, but they already know who I am. I work for them.

The next video series coming up is Sarah Jane Adventures Season #2.

Hers Truly has been skipping videos lately. Her new love is play-doh. After bath, we play with play-doh. Not only that, we have to play with the little play-doh containers, playing with each color in turn. Some colors are more favored than others. The best thing that we added to this game was a plastic knife. (It took me days to think of it. It should have been obvious.)

I've been adding to my camera hobby. I purchased a new eyepiece for the camera, because my used one had no eyepiece. I also purchased a grip, because my camera was just a little too small in my hands. My favorite lens continues being my 28mm, simply because I take so many pictures inside under low light.

I've considered buying a used 20D for $300. It's ISO goes to 3200. I really don't know if it is worth it. I'll need to do lots of comparison.

When dealing with used equipment, time is on my side. The newfangled stuff will push down older cameras. However, this stops eventually. I've noticed that the used camera market has stabilized. The old cameras are now good-enough that a new camera purchase is not a no-brainer. That means that fewer people are replacing their cameras. That also means that their old cameras are worth keeping or handing down.

I continue lusting after an Olympus Pen. One of these days, I'll get me a mirrorless camera with a pancake lens.

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