Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Busier Week

It's been a mildly busier week around here. We had a go-live of our new system at work.

Jenny reported that Hers Truly drew a credible strawberry, "just like daddy."

Play-doh has been sometimes usurping the place of videos after bath. Whether this trend continues is up to debate.

We finally got around to watching the Half-Blood Prince. I have lots of mixed things to say about it. I'll skip them. The folks that I want to honor are the screenwriters, who pulled out a comprehensible story from the bloating corpus written by Rowling. They did quite the astonishing job of figuring out what was really important in the story. They didn't quite deliver, but they were on the right track. If they had had the freedom to rewrite, they could have gotten it all the way there.

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