Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Geekery

Hers Truly keeps thinking of reasons to keep me home in the mornings. "Daddy doesn't want to go to work. Daddy wants to stay home and play play-doh."

The weekend was busy. On Wednesday, I dropped $$$$ on a new muffler system, including a catalytic converted. Ouch. The car now runs fantastic, but OUCH.

On Friday, the front tire went low, then flat. Because the weekend was so over-crowded, we piled into the car, went to the car place, and ate a picnic in the waiting room while the car folks fixed the tire.

To add excitement to this, somebody backed into my car. SMACK. *sigh* Fortunately, it was only a dent and some body panels out of place. I pushed one panel back and scraped my arm. I used a shoved handle to wedge the wheel well back in. It still has the dent. I'll try to bang that out.

I highly suspect that the driver has fake insurance. I haven't called yet.

Friday was also Hers Truly's birthday.

On Saturday, Jenny had a writer's meeting over at our house. (Yes, she is a madwoman.) I took Hers Truly over to my sisters, my parents came down, and much fun was had. Hers Truly casually dug through bags, discovering presents. The big hit was the flowered night-gown. Another big hit was formal shoes (with butteflies). Hers Truly loves formal shoes. Jenny eventually made it over, cake was eaten, and everyone packed up for home.

Hers Truly also liked the airport, but she didn't have much time to play with it. I'm told it was play-target #1 after school today.

Sunday saw the return of the 3.5 D&D game. I am culture-shocked to be playing it again. We're playing an adventure path that I have decided is utterly odious. We are stuck working for someone with no real decision making power. None. None at all.

To keep myself amused, I've designed and am playtesting a new class. This itself is annoying as the DMs always want to nerf playtesting classes until the class is unplayable.

"You give up an attack and give someone a 1d8+4 damage? That's way overpowered."
"Ummm ... that's less damage than my character does in a normal attack, and my ally still has to roll to hit. What weird definition of overpowered are you using?"
"A reroll? That's way overpowered."
"Have you ever read the druid?"

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