Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Jenny was supposed to go to NJ on Saturday, but she had an unexpected invitation to a 5th row seat at the symphony. So, she put the trip off until Sunday.

That trainwrecked my plans. I wound up playing with Hers Truly a lot. It was warm enough that we even had a session of "play in the daddy's car" and "draw with chalk." (Yes, I am smug that my labour of shoving the porch free of snow paid off.)

On Sunday, Jenny rolled out.

I actually got a chance to go shopping. I then discovered that my car had a hole in the muffler system. BLOM BLOM BLOM. Yeah, I'm that loud guy. If it wasn' t all snowy, and I did not fear for my life because the sidewalks were all covered, I'd drop the car off.

I finished up Hers Truly airport play set. The runways turned out well. The tower ... the tower didn't turn out well. The helipad turned out OK, then improved with a little effort. one splotchy board got turned into a parking lot, with the splotches becoming oil stains.

On Sunday, I finally watched Transformers 2. Fun eye candy, but it had its issues. I can best sum it up by saying, "Don't think. Think and you're dead. Don't question the plot holes. Don't try to understand the characters. And don't think. Good luck."

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