Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Chang of Schedule

For the last year, I've been making breakfast and lunch before I take a shower, and before Hers Truly gets up. Things worked better that way.

Another year on, and I've swtiched things about again. Hers Truly has begun waking earlier as the light comes earlier, but she's far more patient now. In fact, she often gets distracted before she eats breakfast. So, I've moved making breakfast to after shower. So now we are eating breakfast together again, and she is stealing my breakfast again. Ah, back to old times.

Jenny and Hers Truly will be heading up to Grandma's to see her brother John and family, who are on the continent.. I would be going, but we are implementing a new system here at work and we did not know how crazy work would be when we made plans. We start people going live on Monday. So this weekend, for me, is a host of long put-off chores.

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