Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Having Your Cake

Hers Truly continues watching the cake-making videos. I have now learned enough cake-making tricks to make some truly outlandish cakes, because you know that I won't use some damned recipe.

I am amazed at the neighbors who just don't dig in front of their houses. Is it that hard? Really? If everyone just cleared out the street in front of their house, the street would be far more passable. Just clearing out an extra space would make parking easier for everyone and be right neighborly to boot.

Jenny is busy making a dress for my niece. In sad news, Jenny's great-aunt's son died of a heart attack. He just keeled over. Meanwhile, her step-father is having some heart trouble. Hopefully all turns out well.

I've started revising the book from the beginning yet again. No major structural changes. This time, the focus is twofold: realizing the underplayed plot-threats more strongly, and beautifying what is already there. The middle will be the hardest part. I may need to simply re-outliine those chapters, then rewrite them from scratch. The problem is not the plot, it's that their writing style no longer matches the rest of the book, and the best way to resolve that is to just go back to blank-slate. I also need to pay attention to some characters and character voices.

I finally got back to the Old Testament over the last few days. (The Bible-reading cover-to-cover project has been in hiatus for ten years.)  I wrapped up Saul 2. Now, it's into Kings. I've also gotten into the next book of A History of Religious Ideas. This book is used, and unfortunately has writing in it. In this case, the scribbler, in a section on ancient Chinese religion, makes a connection to Jesus Christ. WHAT??? IDIOT!!!

Don't take that as anti-Christian. Christianity is like a baseball bat. Any problems that you have with the bat can, most likely, be attributed to the idiot misusing it.

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