Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The digout proceeds apace. When I got home last  night, I had to dig my place out again because the snowplows had filled it in. Then I dug out Jenny.

Having a mad plan, Jenny made a snow-slide for Hers Truly. The girl loved it. She could also run around in the snow. She is so light that she only sinks about eight inches down, which made it hard for Jenny to follow her around the yard. So after a round of snow-play and a round of dancing in the living room, Hers Truly petered out and took an early nap.

The cat has been bored witless. He loves the new crinkly cat toy and now begs for it routinely. He wants nothing more than to go outside, but barring that, he wants ANY AMUSEMENT WHATSOEVER.

I've got a long weekend coming up. Whoopee. More shoveling.

Jenny is almost through the manuscript. She is enjoying the read. She is not without her constructive comments, but there are chapters which garnish no constructive comments. There is a distinctive pattern to the comments: those sections which are the oldest get the most criticisms, while those that are newer or heavily rewritten garner the least. So, I get to continue that damned hard rewriting which I've been doing.

The draft is sitting at 86k.

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