Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Time to catch up.

I worked alot last weekend on a system move. Our stuff must go to the new data center. Lotsa overtime.

Jenny brother Mark was in town, and he came over on Tuesday.

Hers Truly has been staying up increasingly late. She stays in her room, she just doesn't go to bed. Well, that's her problem. This may mean the end of afternoon naps. Or not.

I finally got DDO working under Linux. (Talk about kludgy!) It's good for a free diversion of monster slaying.

Jenny tells me that I'm the only person who uses the phrase "hither, tither, and non." A quick Google search turns up "hither, tither, and yon." Don't know where I changed "yon" to "non".

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