Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Wrap

It was a cold weekend here. The snow is still on the ground. The cat has decided that sub-freezing isn't too bad, so he's taken to going out all night. (It helps when you have a dense fur coat.)

Hers Truly got her own bed on Saturday. We took apart the crib and put in the crib-sized mini-bed. She was very excited and helped me to make it. We had to read book on it and everything.

The party ended at bedtime. When it was time for Jen to leave, Hers Truly lost it. The new bed was just too scary. We let her go to bed with a pacifier, and she then had a rough night sleeping, partly because of the new location, and party due to a newish cold.

On Sunday, I ready Hers Truly to nap. Even in the light, she got scared, so I left the door open for her. She could accept that. Ditto for going to bed at night.

We had Judy come over to put up the canopy. Hers Truly didn't want it, but Aunt Judy has a way of not listening to anybody and doing things anyway, plus she wasn't us, so Aunt Judy makes things happen that others can't. Hers Truly is delighted with the canopy, but it is all still new.

On Saturday, Hers Truly also went to Wesley's birthday party. They held it in the Little Gym, near the Rio. Hers Truly LOVED jumping and climbing around the place. She also wanted to ride the train in the Rio. On Sunday, she kept asking to go to the gym.

Jenny has taken up the reader call and asked to be a reader for me. She'll be reading several chapters a night. One of her pre-school parent friends is also interested, so I'll farm out chapters to him. That gives me two fresh readers.

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