Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Happy New Year. Happy COLD new year.

Hers Truly has some unique ways of wording things. For example, when you make the bed, she refers to it as "folding the bed", as one is manipulating cloth. She also puts things into odd contexts. If she doesn't like something, then she words as "Object doesn't like something." For example, "Stuffed animals don't want to go in the basket," or "Daddy doesn't want to wear his coat."

A new game goes like this, "You can't fold me. Those aren't a hat. That's an airplane on your head." We'll see how long this lasts and where the variations go.

The video du jour is Sesame Street's 25th Anniversary music compilation. Hers Truly skips most of the music. However, she likes the advertisement for at the end of the video. We can't skip to it, so it's a pain to rewatch.

We've rearranged the house a bit after the Christmas present explosion. We moved all of Hers Truly's books into her room where a potty used to sit. Now she has access to all her books at reading times. That lead to a weekend full of "read it" as she discovered all her books all over again.

She also now has a dress-up area where all her dress-up clothes go. Naturally, this means that she dresses up more, which really  means that she half-dresses up, then runs around naked all day.

On video, we wrapped up the David Tennet Dr. Who, finished another disk of Sarah Jane Adventures, and watched the documentary, "Paris is Burning."

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