Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Christmas Wrapup

Christmas this year started out at my brothers on the 24th. We opened presents and ate the usual Milewski feast.

Mom gave Joy a nutcracker. Hers Truly was very good at opening presents, but once opened, the present became IT, the thing to focus on to the exclusion of everything else, including more presents. Cajoling Hers Truly was something of a trick.

We drove up to New Jersey after the Milewski feast and crashed at Jen's mom's house. Hers Truly's bed was a card table covered with a blanket. She had her own nest to sleep in. Hers Truly liked it for the most part, but the transition to the bed was a little hard. All the hard added up for her, so that she enjoyed her stay with gradma, but also began acting out. By the end of the trip, she refused to pee at all (much to all our woe). Once she got home, that all dissipated.

Grandma gave Hers Truly a purple, tye-died dress. She ADORED this dress so much that she put it on then and there, then wore it the entire trip. She also received a Nutcracker doll set. You won't find these in any store. Jenny hacked the dolls together, then sewed the clothing and attached the hair. She did an amazing job.

The best present of all was the holographic butterfly bookmark.

Jenny and I got a new bread machine. This one makes a horizontal loaf. We look forward to trying it. The best part: it takes up no more room than our current bread maker.

We also ate lots and lots and lots of pie.

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