Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Snowpolaypse Aftermath

We survived the snowpocalypse!

On Friday, we went out to a pot luck to sing Christmas carols. When the snow started, we headed home. It laid fast. We were lucky getting through the 270 spur before it became impassable. Folks were slipping and sliding through that first turn. One car was sideways and unable to move. It wasn't long before traffic ground to a halt for them.

Saturday was just a day about the house. Joy put on her snow suit and attacked the snow. Jenny built a few snow sculptures (a dog and a cat) which were promptly deluged. The cat went nuts with boredom.

"Listen you lugnuts," said Squirrel, "You really messed it up this time. Get that cleaned up or I'm else."

The cat also got me up at five, so I wrote until everyone woke up, then I made waffles.

I did a little shoveling, just to make the day easier.

We wrapped up the day with Sarah Jane Adventures.

Sunday is when the real shoveling happened. I did three shifts and Jenny did one. That was alotta shoveling. Hers Truly dug out the path to the back yard and dug out the snow-kitty. She was very industrious and very motivated. She really wanted to see the snow-kitty again.

We made gingerbread cookies. We finished up the Christmas cards. We still have some "problem children" to resolve and send out.

I got myself another headache. I wrapped up the night lying down, with a cat perched on my back, watching Anchors Aweigh. (It was a lackluster musical that wasted the talents of Gene Kelley and Frank Sinatra.)

Because I am essential personnel, I'm at work today.

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