Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

What Not to Get Dad for Christmas

Now that I have a daughter, I'm in line for those Christmas and Father's Day gifts that threaten every father.

I've set down a few rules for presents. I don't want electronics for presents. Yes, I know that kills many male gifts, but those are not what I want. I don't like what that represents. I also don't want cookout equipment. Nor sports stuff (although I am in no danger of that).

So, what do you get a man who doesn't want anything? That's a good question, and not one that I can really help too much. I buy myself the little things and save up for the big ones. Often, I just want a token. Or nothing. I know that nothing sounds funny, but to be honest, I have to store any present that I get, and that just annoys me.

Buying for me is such the no-win scenario.

One of the few areas that are wins are areas where I do actually buy and store (err, collect) things. I'll always take new dinosaur books, or nice copies of literature, or even interesting books.

Of course, I will soon be getting hand- made presents by Hers Truly, and I'll be tickled pink.

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