Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Review

On Friday night, we put up the Christmas tree. Originally, we planned to put it up on Saturday, but Hers Truly saw a Christmas tree while we were out at dinner and got excited, so we put it up a little early.

On Saturday, Jen made fudge. A whole mess o' fudge. Too bad I can't eat it. (Lactose, once we were so close, and now we are such enemies.)

Paul and Vanora brought Rachel by for a visit. They also carted away all our toddler stuff. Most importantly, they now have the Friday Night pack and play. It began with Barb, went to Brian, then to me, and I have now done my part. The tradition continues.

I made the new Christmas card. I had a pic from September that worked wonderful. I had the card template from last year. Once again, Hers Truly is the pic. This time, the pic is 3.5"x5", while the card is 4"x6". That means that the pic is suitable for framing. I finished the Christmas letter, printed it, folded it, added the card, and stuffed it. All we need to do now is print the labels, slap em on, slap stamps on, and roll them out the door.

I took a little time to shop for myself on Sunday. I just plain needed some things.

I put Rockbox onto my iPod Nano. Rockbox claims to honor the gain tags. Spending $0 to get my Nano to honor the gain tags was worth it. I am testing it out right now. I may need to reprocess the files. If you have never used Rockbox, it can best be called "tiddly dinks." It has every little setting that a dink might like.

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