Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

On Watching

We've taken a break from Wiggle watching lately, Hers Truly wants to watch Sesame Street. The experience is quite different between the two. For Wiggles, if she doesn't want to watch something, she wants to watch "the other one." For Sesame Street, she cries, "Nooo...." is the most distressed voice imaginable, and will break down and cry.

When I am reading, I prefer the Wiggles because I don't need to do anything. For Sesame Street, I need to keep the controller in my hand to appease the screaming household god. "Your offerings of videos do not please me."

[As I raise my child, I have come to believe that the Roman "household gods" were a big joke that us serious futurions just don't get.]

Hers Truly also has the occasional nightmare. These usually consist of "no take away" or "do it myself". Last night was a new one, as she woke up believe that she needed new sheets as she got cake all over them.

I pulled "Dinosaur Bob" off she shelf, figuring that she would like it, and both Hers Truly and I loved this book.

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