Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Coming Back from Behind

It's been a few days, folks.

Thanksgiving went well. We ate and ate in the usual clan tradition. Hers Truly played well with the family, but she was both fascinated and intimidated by the cousin's new puppy. (It's about a 1 year old lab, which is to say, a puppy.)

I spent most of the weekend looking after Hers Truly as the wife felt lousy. Hers Truly did not believe in wearing pants before noon. She would want to do something, I'd take her to get dressed, then she'd get derailed. Rinse. Repeat.

I mulched down the leaf pile with the mower. It's now time to put the mulch somewhere. The leaf sucking truck finally came around the neighborhood.

The dryer is on the fritz. We need the repair folks out again.

I picked up a 28-135mm IS lens via Amazon, used. $300. Should be here before Christmas.

I've learned that my hands cover my IR rangefinder on my camera. If I take pains to keep it clear, my pictures come out in far better focus.

I was on-call for work, but nobody called. Yay.

The latest video watching has been Sarah Jane Adventures. We also took a diversion and rewatched Totoro.

Jenny finally has the herbs transferred inside.

Hers Truly's imagination has been kicking into overdrive. When retelling a story, she can now change characters. "Angus and the Cat" became "Angus and Jojo Kitty."

Sometimes Joy doesn't like what she is watching or reading, and asks for "other one." You know, the OTHER ONE, because you can read her mind. That can devolve into tears.

Yesterday, while leaving the bathroom, Hers Truly, on the outside of the door, insisted that she could open the door herself. She would not let me open it. So there I am, in the bathroom, just wanting to leave, but having a little girl breaking into hysterical fits because it was her turn to open the door and she could not open it.

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