Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


First off, congratulations to all those doing nano-write month. * Thumbs Up *

I'm going to give you some unsolicited advice for producing your work. I've been working on my particular novel now for a few years, and I think that I have something useful to contribute.
  1. You need to say no to things in your life. This is now among your top priorities. Treat it that way. Don't be shy. Just say, "I have a novel due by Nov. 30. I'll be available after that."
  2. You have lots of time. The problem is that you have FINITE time, so you accomplish your priorities or those things that are the most interesting. (I wrote 60k words between 6:10am and 6:40am, 5 days a week, in 8 months. When I say that you need to make it a priority to write, I meant it.)
  3. When writing, you get stuck. You don't have time to get stuck. Don't be a stickler for perfect. "John pulls a plot device out of his head and they solve the problem." Solve your problems LATER.
  4. You are always writing. I get my best writing done while my daughter plays in the leaves. Work out stuff when you aren't typing, and implement your ideas when you do type. Implementing and typing at the same time slows you down.
  5. If you get stuck, jump ahead in the plot. There are usually things that you want there. Once you know what is there, you have cool stuff to write towards. That's fun.
  6. You WILL get bored and disinterested in your writing. Writing a novel is an act of will. There are times when you just slam your head into a wall.
  7. All times are not equal. You are more productive some times than others. Figure out your productive times.
  8. Getting stuck usually means that you are missing something. Once you find something good to put there, the problem gets solved.
  9. Discipline is everything. You * WILL * find excuses to not write.
  10. When in doubt, describe the weather. There's nothing like a good digression for spewing out words.

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