Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Airplane Story

The airplane story is very important right now.

Airplane crashed
They put it on a truck
They fix it
People get on the plane
It flies to grandpa's house

Hers Truly has gotten that writing mean things, but she doesn't know words apart yet. She points at the text, says the words haltingly while moving her finger along (even though the words may/may not match the text), and is quite matter-of-fact in doing so.

She also remembers great swaths of text. The miracle of two-year-olds is the staggering amount of memorization that they do.

Lately, Hers Truly has been telling me, "Daddy doesn't want to go to work. Daddy wants to stay home." Awww.

Full sentences from her are still a riot. "May I have your english muffin please." At that point, I'm not eating breakfast because the girl just chomps down English muffins.

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