Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Rules and Habits

Hers Truly doesn't know the difference between rules and habits.

In the mornings, I have regularly opened her door. Now, when Jenny opens her door, she says, "Daddy wants to open the door." She'll keep repeating that until I come in, close the door, open the door again, and restore the moral balance. You see, I do something every time, so it becomes the RULE that I do something.

Hers Truly also gets a bit hung up with me turning her fan off. That changes the world. The fan is SUPPOSED to be turning, so I get told, "I [daddy] wants to turn the fan on." [Yes, HT still reverses her pronouns.]

The Wiggles continue their total after-dinner domination. It's a good thing that they are entertaining, otherwise I'd be sick of them. If I am fortunate, I sneak in an after-dinner nap.

Recently, Hers Truly has taken to shrieking at the cat as only a 2-year-old can. We're trying to stop that exuberance.

Had another visit with Vanessa over the weekend. Her boys adore Hers Truly, and she likes their house. Looks like alot more visiting.

We still sometimes go searching for images on google. She particularly likes looking for broken planes. "That is not a good plane. They need to fix it." She loves telling the "fix the plane" story.

Hers Truly is also asking to visit me at work more often. Looks like Tuesdays, after ballet, she will start having lunch at work.

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