Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Hers Truly at Play

Hers Truly has developed in her play. She now plays truly imaginatively. "You are [I am] a plane!" She'll then hold her arms out.

Likewise, she develops stories on us. There's one storybook with donuts. She points to the book and says, "Little sister poops on pottie." A little prodding got the explanation that there are donuts, and you get donuts when you go to the potty. So she decided that Little Sister must be the one who is going poop on the potty.

She is simply quite charming and getting more charming. That means that getting her to do things has gotten harder, as she quite charmingly avoids them, like bedtime.

For videos, she has not clutched onto the Wiggles. She has her favorites and watches them over and over. Her Aunt Judy bought her Wiggly Wiggly World. She also likes the girl with pink hair (Lazytown). It's a good thing that I am fond of catchy tunes with blatant hook-line arrangements, otherwise I'd be a goner. (To those outliers who must have high-quality music, these would drive you to stop drinking.)

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