Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I continue pushing the shed along. I finally got the fascias in on Saturday. I sanded one panel off and I'm sore as heck. I also ripped out the window and hammered a temporary board over it. I now need to cut the board down.

I'm sure that some of you folks are laughing at the continued shed wrestling. That's pretty much normal for me. I might complain that I don't have time (which I often don't), but I have no shame in working on projects as I feel like it. I'm not getting a grade, so what do I care if it takes two months? The only thing pushing the shed along is all the fore-knowledge of all the autumn work.

As I've worked on my house, the only thing that has really gotten me off my ass is the annoyance caused by hating something. After that, working on it is easy until I get distracted or bored. That's where it gets challenging. When I am bored with something, I just forget about it.

Of course, eventually, something bites me in the ass. I'm happy to say that most things don't bite twice.

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