Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


On Saturday, we ran up to Hers Truly's coop pre-school to clean up the playground. Many parents showed up. I lost track of my child amidst the sea of childs. Frequently. So did Jenny. No one was the worse for wear. I think that we, in the back of our mind, simply trusted the playground from our own playground days.

On Sunday, I mounted the doors on the shed. The doors would get a "C" from my wood shop teacher. They have issues. However, I hung them correctly the first time, they swing easily, and lock easily, which automatically makes them better than the previous shed vault-doors.

I'm experimenting with a plaster-like substances over the worst walls. It seems to work OK. That means that I'll be resurfacing the walls rather than removing them. The cost is about the same as a single 8'x4' panel, at worst, so why not try?

I've begun draft 2 of the novel. Now that I'm looking at the beginning again, it has issues. Oh yeah, it has issues. I may need to break chapters into 2-3k units instead of 4-5k units. It is a woeful of work. *sigh* Well, that's a writer's life for ya.

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