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Quiet Thursday

I spent most of the night in a knock-down, drag-out war with the Romulans. *sigh* That the bad part about campaign, war games. They can take a long time and they can result in a stalemate.

I did drop over to a co-worker's house after dinner, to try and make her Internet Explorer work correctly. The poor thing's child safety settings are all hosed up. I will deliver unto my poor coworker both a new Internet Explorer and Netscape. She also needs more RAM.

Jen called. She's moving furniture. Looks like more of that tomorrow. I guess I can go help. That conflicts with Glen Echo Open Band. I'm getting real good at being occupied on Fridays.

Weekend Looks Like:

Fri: Move furniture about
Sat: South Pacific matinee
Sun: Afternoon D&D game

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