Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I've waded through another ballet. This one was "Sleepy Beauty" from the Royal Ballet (2007). You can find it on YouTube.

I find that I like some aspects of ballet more than others. I greatly enjoy the simpler dances, especially the more comedic routines. I find them charming. In Sleeping Beauty, I rather enjoyed the Red Riding Hood number. In the Nutcracker the Motion Picture, I rather enjoyed the rather archaic ballet during the finding of the nutcracker, as well as Dance of the Reed Flutes.

Some routines I find cold. Specifically, the more technical the moves, the colder the ballet feels. This is especially true with the most complex numbers, where the dancers are showing their extreme skills. However, for me, this stop being dance and becomes a series of acrobatics set to musics. The actions are still technically stunning, but they have lost an essential characteristic of dance.

I remain conflicted about the mass female carnage numbers. Tutu's fly everywhere and my eyes tend to get overwhelmed.

I know one woman who gets rather annoyed at musicals and their penchants for singing for no reason. If you think that is bad, ballets have an even more nonsensical plot where half the ballet are the dances in celebration of the first half of the plot.

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