Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Busy Busy BUSY

This weekend went by rather busily.

On Saturday, Jen had her writer's group over our house. I have no idea how she shoved ten people into the living room, but she did. I took Hers Truly out to the library and we had a fine time.

On Saturday night, we had more guests over, including their four boys (at 1 to 6). That was another handful. The mound of dishes was extraordinary.

On Sunday, we drove up to Pennsylvania to attend the viewing of my sister-in-laws's father, who passed away on Wednesday. I saw the niece and nephews, and the little great niece. (My, she's chatty without words.)

I was relieved to head back to work!

We wrapped up the weekend with more "The War." We are onto disk 5. The episode was titled FUBAR. Gung-ho, "we were real Americans in WW2" need to sit down and watch it, more the so because it is veterans who tell most of the story. This gets to war in all its complexities and its senselessness.

I'm back into the novel, hovering about 59k words as I revise. At this rate, it should clock in a little over 60k words.

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