Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Shed Door

I continued working on my shed door. Jen was late getting home, so I crammed more time in. I got the second door assembled and tacked together.

After dinner, I got enough time to screw the door together. The drywall screws worked too well. They had so much torque that they frequently went far too far into the soft pine that I am using as reinforcement for the plywood doors. The tips of the screws also poked out a little from the wood. I mis-estimated the length of the screws by 1/16". They poked through the outside. I ended up using the belt sander to grind the heads down, althought I had to sacrifice one belt to do this. (Belts are cheap, but they cost the same as the proper size screws.)

The doors are now ready to be primed.

After this comes the hard part: hanging them.


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