Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Costume Changes

Hers Truly changes costume depending on what ballet she is watching. When it's Dancing Prince, she must wear her white dress, like the ballerina in the dance. When she watches Dance of the Snowflakes, she must change into her tutu. Of course, she eventually needs to change back again to one or the other.

Ballet is inevitably interrupted by more "back to bed." These days, she prefers you to "make a tent." So, you make a tent for her to crawl into. She often wants you to crawl in, too. Her other favorite is for you to "make a hill" with your legs, and then she slides down the hill.

Reading has gotten more interactive. I can sit back and ask her questions about what she sees, or what comes next. Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug is particularly good for this type of reading as the book has no words.

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