Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Wrapup

The weekend wrapped up quite well.

Friday was our usual date night.

On Saturday, we headed out to Lake Needwood to play on the paddle boats. Joy enjoyed the water. I brought along my cheapie camera, just in case of disaster.

I attacked the shed a little with some primer/sealer. This combo is working well enough that I won't be replacing large sections of the shed. I will live with the panted-over disaster.

Sunday was D&D. We got ourselves into a tough fight and didn't finish it. Hers Truly spent some time with her Aunt Judy.

I got a good look at the butterfly photos from last week. Awful. I got very few usable photos out of the run. My #1 issue was focal length. As so many other photo issue, I can spend my way to a solution. However, I don't photograph small things often enough.

The last of the comics went out the door. The stack of stuff that no one would buy, even at $1, got tossed into recycling. I know that there are more clever things that I could have done. I was too lazy. This way, what's done is done. I already can't tell you half of what was iin the pile.

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